Buying Gold

Why Should You Be Buying Gold?

Gold and silver have seen dramatic price increases in the past five years, as investors have moved away from stocks and bonds due to market uncertainty. In times of economic turmoil, many investors prefer to buy precious metals, which have intrinsic value and are of use as both currency and raw materials for industrial use. Investors see gold as being more solid and reliable than paper “fiat” currency, which can have wildly fluctuating value as economic and political circumstances change. Inflation, for example, can dramatically affect the value of paper currency overnight, while gold has a tendency to remain more stable in times of political turmoil.

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While buyers may purchase gold from a variety of sources, it can be inconvenient or expensive to buy from an individual, a coin dealer, or a jeweler. Those who invest in gold are best served by dealers who are equipped to sell large amounts of bullion at one time to individual investors. For that reason as well as other considerations, most investors prefer to buy gold online from a dedicated precious metals dealer. Doing so makes sense, as dedicated gold dealers are in a better position to sell to buyers and investors in volume. In addition, many large precious metals dealers offer shipping discounts and most are able to assist with knowledgeable customer service 24 hours a day. Another useful feature offered by many bullion dealers is the ability for their customers to sell gold at any time. While not all gold dealers offer their customers the ability to store their investments, many do, helping their customers avoid the inconvenience of having to actually handle the precious metal in person. Investors who do business with a company that offers storage have the opportunity to buy now and sell later without ever having to take their investment into their possession.

Most large bullion dealers offer their customers the opportunity to make their gold purchases in several forms. While bars of bullion are always popular, so are gold coins, such as the South African Krugerrand as well as coins from the United States and Canada. Some investors buy coins or bullion exclusively, while others like to add some variety to their portfolios. A good precious metals dealer will also maintain stocks of other metals that may interest their customers, such as silver, palladium and platinum.

When looking for a good precious metals dealer, you should look for one that offers multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers. You should be able to see the prices you’ll pay displayed in real time and you should also be able to see the prices that the dealer is willing to pay should you be interested in selling. A good precious metals dealer will also offer their options for storage or for shipping, should you be interested in taking delivery in person.

Global politics and economics are more uncertain today than they have been at any time in recent history. While no one can accurately predicted what will happen with world currencies in the future, the savvy investor will always want to be sure that their portfolio is safe, profitable and diverse. One of the best ways to ensure a diverse investment portfolio is to keep at least some of those investments in precious metals.

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